Mi’kmaw Prayer of the Seven Sacred Teachings



Creator, Thank you for this day you have given us.


Thank you for allowing us to gather here today and we ask you to enter where we are, so that your teachings will work in us.


We ask for wisdom, so that we will know what is good in this world.


We ask for love, so we can spread your love everywhere.


We ask for respect, so that we will know that everyone comes from one place....from you


We ask for bravery, so that we will not be afraid to do your work here.


We ask for honesty, so that no one will lie or harm anyone of us.


We ask for humility, so that no one will be superior to another.


And lord, we ask for truth, so that we will see you in the future, on the last day with clean hearts and spirits.



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Today's Quote

We are all born shamans, it's in our DNA, it's just that in the West we have forgotten our gifts that we came to offer the world.


Ipupiara Makunaiman



When I was made into a sanusi, I took a vow never to reveal my knowledge, never to tell people about my profession or about sacred artifacts like this one, and many others that I am entrusted with. But I feel that this vow is a hindrance, and some years ago I decided to break it. The result of this is that many people have ostracized me and many people have bitterly blamed me for what I have done.' 

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

Shamanic Journey Drumming

I offer this recording, "Shamanic Journey Drumming" for all to use to help facilitate their individual journey intentions. Journey well, my brothers and sisters!!!

Shamanic Journey Drumming - Rob Murphy
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