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Eve Bruce, MD lives in County Kerry, Ireland. For the past decade, she has dedicated herself to changing the ˙paradigm of our relationship to our Mother Earth, to our Body-Temple and to each other. She facilitates trips to learn from indigenous elders South America and Africa and Vision Quests to Walk the Bones of our Ancestors in Ireland. Brought up in Kenya, she holds a special love for the wisdom and energies of the continent from which humanity was born. Author of “Shaman MD” (Destiny Books) and “Shamanism: The Book of Journeys” (O-Books), she is also a surgeon who works with Doctors without Borders, a Shamanic Healer, a Past Life and Between Life Regressionist

Michael Travers is an artist and founder of Lios Dána residential retreat center on the Dingle peninsula in Co. Kerry, Ireland, he is also a Feng Shui practitioner.

To register email Rob at


Trip Cost: $3,100.00 USD per person (6 people minimum for trip to go)

(Does not include round-trip airfare to Ireland – arrive Ireland October 5, leave Ireland October 13)


$500 nonrefundable deposit to hold your space contact Rob at


*Included in your trip: hotel accommodations in shared rooms, ground transportation where appropriate. Entrance fees for all sites within the itinerary. I will be providing breakfast and lunch items for participants. Cost Does Not Include: Airfare to and from Ireland, fees for passports and visas, arrangements for independent arrival and/or departure, additional hotel expenses due to flight cancellations or other unforeseen factors, phone calls, incidental food and beverages purchased on the road or at meal times, travel insurance. Tipping is normal, but entirely at your own discretion. Most of the week's dinner meals will be communally prepared at Lios Dana with each guest taking a night, unless we decide to eat out in our travels. We will do a communal shopping for the evening meals.


Special Notes: All participants are required to sign a liability waiver and registration form. During the trip, daily activities may be modified due to weather conditions or other unforeseen factors.

Experience the magic and power of the ancient stone structures of the Emerald Isle while connecting with your ancestral streams. All the stones and all your ancestors have a story to tell or a song to sing, if we but listen. You only have to open your heart to their stories and songs. And, what better time of the year to connect with Ancestors than Samhain.

This program is offered to anyone who has an interest in the power and magic of the ancient stone structures of Neolithic Ireland; and wish to connect in a healing way with their ancestral streams.


Prophecies of many indigenous traditions speak of the dawn of this new era as a time when the medicines of the four directions will once again come together – Yellow Medicine, Red Medicine, Black Medicine and White Medicine – and humanity and all our relations will be healed and move forward into the new way. Notice that these prophecies do not just speak about the current indigenous peoples of the world, but of all the world. Our beloved teachers from these indigenous traditions are not teaching us to become them, for we come from the lineages of White Medicine. Rather, they are teaching us the tools to connect to the healing energies that course through our DNA that flow down the ancestral stream from our indigenous ancestors.


Make this, the autumn of 2024, your time to find your unique path that emanates from your ancestors through the blood that pumps through your heart and to connect with their magic and then offer your contribution to The New Earth. Within the natural sanctuary of the emerald hills of Ireland, you will discover a sacred place where your deepest needs, values and passions, flowing from your ancestors, can speak and allow Mother Earth to reach and teach you. History of the west has all but erased our connections with our ancestors, leaving us untethered and disconnected from Mother Earth. Our ancestors are what anchors and grounds us. Throughout this journey you will be recharged, enlightened and educated, ready to put your creativity to work to make a positive change in the flow of healing energies from the healing wisdom of your indigenous ancestors. By combining old traditions with modern ways, we can create a healthier relationship with our ancestors.


This program is offered to anyone who has an interest in the power and magic of the ancient stone structures of Neolithic Ireland; and wish to connect in a healing way with their ancestral streams. It is also open to those who simply want to experience the deep healing environment of the emerald hills of Ireland.


  • Stones of the west coast of Ireland

  • A visit to the Neolithic site of Newgrange


Some of the topics we will cover: 


  • Basic concepts of and how to connect with/to stones in local areas of the west coast of Ireland. Creative expressions and reflections during our journey. 

  • Visiting local communities.

  • Walking, trekking, and exploring the healing beauty of Ireland.

Rob Murphy is initiated as a Ceann-Iuil Pathfinder and an Aoghair (ordained minister) and an Ordinand Elder of the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream (Wolven Path Tradition—a re-dreamed Celtic tradition) of the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Shamanic Society.


He is a certified master shamanic-reiki practitioner and teacher and core faculty member and Ceremonial and Ancient Wisdom Holder on the Shamanic Reiki Faculty


Rob has been initiated as a Yatchak into the Quichuan Path of Light tradition by Don Esteban Tamayo in Ecuador and is a shaman in the Green Path Medicine tradition taught by the late Brazilian shaman, Ipupiara and his wife Claicha, of the Peruvian Quechua tradition, and Dr. Eve Bruce. He was also initiated into the Brazilian shamanic tradition of the Makunaiman (one who makes others dreams come true). Rob is the founder of the Richmond Shamanic Meetup and Drum Circle, and a past core member of the NYC Shamanic Drum Circle. He gives workshops and classes in shamanism for the Richmond, Virginia & NYC areas, the Washington and Oregon areas of the west coast, and in Canada & Ireland and facilitates trips to learn from indigenous elders in South America.


A graduate of Dr Linda Backman’s Past Life Soul Regression and Between Life Soul Regression programs, he uses regression therapy as an integral part of his shamanic healing.


A life-long pacificist, Rob is a graduate of the 16-week Peace Ambassador Training program through the Shift Network.


In addition, Rob has studied with:

  • John Perkins and Llyn Roberts in Shapeshifting shamanism

  • Llyn Roberts in Shamanic Reiki techniques

  • Don Carlos Barrios in Mayan healing techniques 

Uragh Stone Circle in County Cork, photo by courtesy of Angie Holocker

October 26 to November 3, 2024
with Rob Murphy, Dr. Eve Bruce, MD and Michael Travers

Stones & Bones   

A Shamanic Ancestral Journey to Ireland

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