I am extremely happy to present the following workshops, classes, and events. I hope that you will choose to join me in one or in many of the offerings.  Chungo (Quichua--simply meaning, "From my heart to your heart")

White Lotus Divine Healing

Metaphysical Boutique & Energy Healing Therapies


Rob Murphy's Teaching Events at the White Lotus Divine Healing in Coquitlam, BC

Friday, January 14th, 2022 7-9 pm PT


Evening on Shamanism with Rob Murphy

Friday, January 28th, 2022 7-9 pm PT


Past Life Soul Regression with Rob Murphy



Friday, February 11th, 2022 7-9 pm PT

Shamanic Journeying with Rob Murphy

Friday, March 4th, 2022 7-9 pm PT

Art of Spirit Protection with Rob Murphy


Location: White Lotus Divine Healing, 2607 St Johns St, Port Moody, BC V3H 2B5

Registration: Click on the topic link above to go to the desired registration page. Hope that you can come to all 4 classes.


Oh, My Soul; Oh, My Ancestors: Integrating Past Lives of your Soul Self with your Current Ancestral Lineage
Ancestral spiral square.png

VIRTUAL on Zoom - Oh, My Soul; Oh, My Ancestors: Integrating Past Lives of your Soul Self with your Current Ancestral Lineage


5-Session Zoom Immersion with Rob Murphy
Saturdays 11 am-2 pm PT (2 - 5 pm ET), April 16, 23, 30, May 7, 14*


Class Fee: $300
*All sessions will be recorded and shared with participants in case you are not available at the scheduled time.

This workshop is a deep exploration of our place on Earth as beings with both past life and ancestral lineages. Shamanic traditions gift us with tools and teachings to reawaken us to spirit so that we can explore and bring healing to our soul and our ancestors.

As I sit here listening to the soulful voices of the “Mayan Ancestral Music – Healing Music for Mother Earth” by Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, I feel the energy and echoes of the voices of my own Ancestral rivers reaching across the mists of time, happy that I am calling out to them, trying to remember their names, their stories. I have been on a journey to explore soul and ancestral work for a number of years now, my own personal work beginning decades ago, if not since I was a child. It has been my honor and privilege to guide classes across the country, leading others through their own journey to explore the relationship between their Soul and their Ancestors.

In this course experience you will:

Journey to your soul’s past lives to discover who you are as a soul.

  • The past lives of our soul are an integral part of who and what we are endeavoring to do in our current incarnation.


Journey to your Ancestral lineages to honor the rivers of your:

  • Mother’s Mother

  • Mother’s Father

  • Father’s Mother

  • Father’s Father


In these ancestral journeys you will:

  • Connect and honor their presence and influence in your life.

  • Seek to bring healing to each of the rivers to get beyond the Ancestral wounds that block the healthy flow to the Descendants.

  • Ask their help to remember and give birth to the unique genius that you bring to the world.

  • Ask them to help you to remember the agreements your soul made to the ancestors for you to become the spirit that you are.


Journey to yourself when you were in your Mother’s womb to:

  • The first time your soul came to visit the body that mother earth and the Ancestors were preparing to receive your Soul.

  • Explore the covenant between the Soul and your Ancestors for your birth.


From the Soul lineage and the four rivers of Ancestral lineage, we receive sets of physical and spiritual “DNA.” To live a balanced life on Earth and achieve our purpose, we must honor, and gain assistance from both our Soul and Ancestral lineages, for we exist as the intersection of the two.

For far too long in the west, we have ignored the voices of our Ancestors. They are calling out to us to listen so that we can start the healing that is so urgently needed—in ourselves, in our families and in our world. To continue to grow in life, it is important that we honor our guides in spirit, but also to reclaim and pay honor to our Ancestors, without whom we would not be here. Just as there are four directions and four colors in the medicine wheel, we also have four ancestral rivers that feed our being. We need all the medicines to flow in balance from the Directions, the Colors and the Ancestors.

The 5-session package will offer the following schedule:

Session 1

  • Discussion of the concept and process, as well as, answering any questions or concerns

  • Journey to find a Soul Guide/Teacher

  • Journey to find an Ancestral Guide/Teacher


Session 2

  • A full Past Life Soul Regression session to explore who you are on the soul level


Session 3

  • Maternal Ancestral Rivers

  • Mother’s Mother

  • Mother’s Father


Session 4

  • Paternal Ancestral Rivers

  • Father’s Mother

  • Father’s Father


Session 5

  • Journey back to your Mother’s womb, along with your Soul & Ancestral Guides/Teachers, to the first time that your Soul came to visit

  • Revisit the covenant made between your Soul and your Ancestors to you join their lineage


The benefits that you will gain from this adventure include:


  • A greater understanding of your higher self/Soul and what it endeavors to accomplish across its arc of lives, and

  • Ways to work with your healthy Ancestors to lift and heal the trauma of your Ancestral rivers so that the healing flows down from beyond the wounds through you and down to your descendants.

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Spirit of the Drum -- A Two Day Drum-Making Workshop

Spirit of the Drum -- A Two Day Drum-Making Workshop
of Sacred Ceremony, Journey Work and Shamanic Crafting

Saturday, July 30th, 2022 11-6pm
Sunday, July 31st, 2022 11-6pm


Location: Gig Harbor, WA (Physical address will be shared upon registration)

Registration: $225 (If a couple wishes to craft a Spirit Drum together, the material fees for the drum must be paid in advance. Workshop fee for a couple working on a single drum will be discounted to $350 instead of the full price for two.
(drum materials sold separately, see below)

Join us to connect with the Ancestors and Dream your Spirit Drum into Being.

Boom-boom — the steady drumbeat of our mother’s heart soothing and anchoring us in her womb is the first musical sound that our ears perceive, keeping us grounded on our journey to birth.

Our first musical instrument was the drum, discovered by beating a stick on a hollow log or some other hollow surface. The beat of the drum naturally compels our bodies to want to move, almost involuntarily - like breathing.

The shaman/spirit/medicine drum is used universally and is prevalent among many original peoples as a living and conscious tool to bridge into expanded reality. It is used widely among Siberian shamans, where the word shaman was conceived. Here in North America, the drum has always been a sacred instrument in their communication with Spirit. Even in Europe, history reaches far beyond the advent of Christianity that included drumming in sacred ceremony.

In this workshop, you will:

• Journey to meet the Spirit of the Tree that gifted you the wood for your drum frame that will become the drum’s body.

• Journey to meet the Spirit of the Four-legged who gifted the hide that will be the flesh of your drum.

• Learn a unique spiral lacing technique as taught in the Saghic tradition [a re-dreamed Celtic tradition].

• Engage in sacred ceremony to breathe life into your using the four elements.
• Create an intimate bond between you and your drum’s living nature.

• Learn to work with the drum as a conversational aid with your Guides and the Ancestors when you journey into the heart of your Spirit Drum.

• Learn to care for and "feed" your drum—this drum will be different than any other drum you will have and thus needs to be treated always in a sacred manner.

• Become aware of the Do’s and Don’ts of your drum.

• Bring a small empty spray bottle for water to keep drum skins moist, an old towel to use as your work surface, journal and pen, and a blind fold or mask if desired for use in journey work.

“The Spirit Drum is an external embodiment of our lives. It expresses our joy and sadness and is an implement of prayer. The drum is also the vessel that carries us on spiritual explorations and journeys. As such they tell the story of our relationship to the divine
and to those we call the Ancient Ones.” –

Native Elder

This is a 2-day Spirit Drum making workshop and needs to be pre-booked by the payment of material fees to Rob Murphy by 12-noon, Feb 17, 2022. 

Prices for drum materials (contact Rob Murphy for selection and purchasing by email: ROBMURPHY.SHAMAN@GMAIL.COM

13” skin drum w/cedar frame - $130
14” skin drum w/maple frame - $130
15” skin drum w/cedar frame - $145
15” skin drum w/maple frame - $145
16” skin drum w/maple frame - $145
17” skin drum w/cedar frame - $160
18” skin drum w/maple frame - $160

Deer, horse, elk, cow, buffalo and moose skins are available.
Cedar frames are much lighter in weight than the maples frames. If you do a lot of drumming for extended periods of time this lightweight frame will be perfect for you.​

Please click the button below to register for this class.

NOTE: Material fees must be paid separately to Rob Murphy by 12-noon, Feb 17, 2022, and workshop fee must be paid by start of the workshop on Saturday morning. Please email to make payment arrangements for materials & registration.